The key to the success of a role model.

The youth of today have various role models, the most popular currently are Youtubers, Instagram influencers and HipHop artist. Out of these 3 the HipHop artist/rapper displays the most self-confidence. A trait that not only youths but everyone should have.

Most rappers are quick to remind you that they are the best. They rhyme about what they aspire to have or about what they have achieved. They constantly tell their audience about what they want and/or what they have achieved. Does this also help them achieve the success they rap about?

The biggest enemy of success is the voice in our heads that is designed to warn us for potential danger. In ancient times it was “Watch out there could be a tiger hiding behind that bush and it will kill you!” which ensured our survival as a species but now most of society no longer needs to fear the predator in hiding.  The voice of survival has now become the voice of failure.  What if it goes wrong? What if it fails? Are you sure you want to take the risk? It is the voice that directly affects our self-confidence.

Self-confidence is the belief that you will achieve your goal no matter what. Self-confidence is the voice in your head which reminds you that you can overcome challenges that hinder you. How do you strengthen this voice? By celebrating your successes, by reminding yourself of what you have achieved. How do you achieve your goals? By constantly focussing on them and making them clear and specific.  A rapper is almost constantly busy with his/her self-confidence. Writing lyrics, practicing lyrics and performing these lyrics, serve as reminders of his/her successes and goals. These moments are a constant re-enforcement of his/her confidence. Confidence that is the foundation for achieving success!

Do you agree with my view or do you think there is more to achieving success?

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